October 18, 2018

Installation for FireTv, Firestick, Android Boxes, Android Phones, Apple Tv, iPhones and Xbox1


Install on Android Box

Install on Android Phone

To install on any android phone, simply open up your phones browser and enter beattheman.site/JB into the address bar and hit enter. Click on the J&B Enterprise APK. Then click install and log in with your credentials and make first box a single letter where it asks for anyname.

How to Access on ANY device with a browser (PC, XBOX1)

This is mainly used for computers and laptops. Also works with Xbox One via the edge browser. To watch the hosting through a browser, simply goto http://www.subportal.io/channels/jbtv From here you can login in and start using the service. (No Video On Demand with webplayer)

For iPhones, iPads and AppleTv

iOS devices must use third party apps to access our tv service. There are 2 different apps that can be used and they both are available in the App Store. The first one is called Smarters and is the preferred app to use. Simply download this app and open it up. Enter your login details and for the url that you need to enter, input – http://www.mytvserver.com:826

The 2nd app that can be used with iOS devices is called GSE Smart . You download this app from the App Store as well and open it. You will need to hit the menu key on top left and then select “Xtream-Codes API”. Next you want to hit the red plus symbol. Now simply enter a name, you login details and for the url enter http://www.mytvserver.com:826 Then select done. This will add your named account to the list and you can select it from the list to login and start using the hosting service.

Smart TVs (limited tvs are compatible)

search your App Store for iptv Smarters then install if available then log in with your username and password and use http://ourstreams.com:826 for server url



How to lock out adult content ( or anything else )

How To Switch Players

How to add channels and movies to your favorites

How to turn subtitles on or off

How to change the time format